The Braille Tutor

The software uses the 6 home keys (SDFJKL) of the qwerty keyboard as the 6 keys of a perkins and provides a series of lessons for users to practice their braille skills. As you progress through the lessons more contractions are used.

The top bubble informs the user what to do. The middle bubble shows the correct braille answer required. This can be displayed or switched off by the user by selecting the button. It can also be off if the lesson does not want to show you the braille as a default or if the lesson disables the option (to make you work harder?). The bottom edit box is where the user enters their answer. Once they are happy with what they have typed they select the Submit button.
If a user Signs in then their progress is tracked so they can continue from where they finished last time.
Multiple users can run the software on the same computer using individual Sign in names each with their own current progress stored.