Braille Maker

Braille Maker is a long established Braille translation package, first released in 1988. Clients include Government Departments, the BBC, RNIB, Trade Unions, HM Prison Service, Banks and Universities. Originally a DOS product, Braille Maker has been progressively developed to create a range of user-friendly Windows based products.

All Braille Maker products can be fully integrated with your word processor

Two versions are available – Braille Maker and Braille Maker Professional.

Both versions are intuitive and easy to use, providing Braille desktop publishing in a few simple steps.

Braille Maker supports UEB plus the Braille rules which were ratified in 2004 as well as support for the old rules

  • Braille Maker
    Braille Maker is our budget product for fast braille production, easy to use and fully integrated with your word processor. Available as UEB version or traditional UK braille rules. Braille icon on Word ribbon for fast 1 click convert document to braille Braille page preview Print page numbering Tables auto converted to paragraphs
  • Braille Maker Professional
    Has all the features of Braille Maker plus Braille Editor 6 key entry Learner braille back-translate ribbon Languages Tables: semi-colon, tabs and stair-step Mathematics braille ** Live table of contents Moon Bookmarks ** In order to produce Mathematics Braille, a copy of MathType 6 or later is required.