ALT-Key – an easier, more efficient way of typing!

A new set of programs and utilities to assist people.

ALT-Key Access

A new program to assist people who need or want to type with one hand.

Do you struggle with keyboard combinations and capitalising letters on your keyboard?

Do you find it hard to type with one hand?


ALT-Key Access is a new program designed to help people with conditions that limit their use of one hand including hemiplegia, hemiparesis, ataxia, have suffered from a full or partial upper limb amputation or paralysis as a result of a stroke.  Whatever your condition ALT-Key should make your life easier and allow you to work much quicker on your keyboard.

Also many computer programmers and designers like to work in ‘one-handed mode’ with their computers, with one hand on the keyboard and the other on their mouse. But this can be difficult unless you have especially large hands, and you also have to constantly watch the keyboard – rather than the screen.

ALT-Key has two different facilities to address these problems:

  • Sticky Shift
    Where Windows Sticky Keys leaves off, Sticky Shift takes over!  No more having to use the Shift key to get capital letters.  Just hold the letter down and after a short pre-defined day – it goes capital!
    What could be easier than that?
  • Singlehand.Key
    Allows you to access the whole keyboard just from one side – 2 half keyboards in one!
    Press and hold the letter “q” and the letter “p” appears. Press and hold the letter “w” and the letter “o” appears and so on.  So it can be used either as a Lefthanded Keyboard or a Righthanded Keyboard.  It is completely ambidextrous.

ALT-Key Linguist

Need to type properly accented French or Spanish?

Having trouble remembering all those codes for the non standard keys that you need to use on your English keyboard?

An ingenious module within the ALT-Key program suite that modifies the letters as you hold them down. Hold the letter ‘e’ and it will change to all the European variants of that character è é ê ë € È É Ê Ë … allowing you to type faster and more fluently.

Languages currently available: Dutch, Flemish, French, Irish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Welsh.

More languages being introduced continuously. Check with us to see if your language is available.